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The Food & Exercise Plan That Think It's A Life Coach

Tough Love Weight Loss Academy Is a 6-Week Program designed to set you free from dieting, and set you up with a healthier mind, body and lifestyle.

In this SELF PACED program, you'll discover valuable insights designed to help you see why we gain weight, and what the human body REALLY needs to lose it, and keep it off.

  • You'll learn how to eat for weight loss WITHOUT DEPRIVATION
  • How to exercise to MAXIMISE FAT LOSS in MINIMUM TIME
  • What you need to do to PRIME YOUR MIND for the most success
  • How to easily STAY ON TRACK when socialising or going away
  • GROCERY SHOP & FOOD PREP like a boss without getting depressed over meal options
  • Learn about EMOTIONAL EATING and how to lose emotional weight
  • STRESS MAKES US FAT! Learn how to manage yours and boost your fat loss hormones
  • ... and so much more!

  • By the end of the program not only will you be slimmer, fitter and healthier, but you'll completely understand where you have struggled in the past - and to AVOID making those mistakes again. You'll be 99% smarter than those who are still struggling with yo-yo diets, shakes and general misery. You'll break up with the myths and lies while creating a new relationship with food, exercise and your body.


    What's Included In The Program?

    Each Module has 7 Coaching Videos. You can watch them one a day so each module takes one week, or you can watch each module over a fortnight! If you want to binge watch, go ahead! You choose, this is YOUR program.


    You'll download your nutrition plan and apply the instructions to get your exact portion sizes. Use the recipe book with 300 RECIPES to create delicious meals that won't leave you hungry. You'll get two different workout plans to choose from as well as an instructional video showing you how to perform the exercises. This plan is suitable for beginners - you work at your level. You'll also learn what the best exercise is for fat loss, AND I'll share with you the #1 Rule For Weight Loss!


    Everyone feels like they have no motivation from time to time. But did you know there is a REASON for it? Not only that, we can overcome our motivation blocks just by understanding a little motivational psychology! In this module you'll also learn how to overcome peer pressure and how to track your results properly to avoid ever feeling like a failure. This will guarantee you don't sabotage.


    Without a doubt one thing that makes us fall off the wagon is when we socialise, or go away on holiday.This module will teach you how to stay on track without feeling deprived! You'll be able to enjoy treats and socialising with control and joy! You won't feel like you're missing out, and you won't feel like you're blocking your progress.


    You might think diet and exercise is how to lose weight, but your metabolism has a different idea! If our hormones are out of balance, or we are inflamed, toxic and stressed even the best diet won't help us lose weight! In this module you will learn how our body fights us to stay fat, and how you can fight back so you can achieve your goals, and stay there!


    A great diet and exercise plan can't save you from emotional eating, comfort eating, binge eating or stress eating! The food plan may be staring at you, but there are brain chemicals that make it impossible to use willpower when the emotions are fired up. In this module you will learn how to be stronger in your mind, and you will be given some handy tools to use to start the process of dealing with emotional eating.


    What is stress and how DOES it make us fat? In this module you'll find out! You'll also learn how to manage your stress and lower the stress hormones so your fat burning hormones are able to work better.


    Whether you've got 5kg to lose, or 50kg make sure you keep this module close at hand when you are ready for maintenance. 90% of people regain their weight! Eeek! This module will teach you what the 10% are doing so you can succeed too. Please don't make the mistakes of the past, we are trying to break up with our old habits, the old diet lies and our old bodies. Embrace a new way to stay slim, and you'll never have to diet again.

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    Your Instructor


    Introverted, sassy... and non-corformist.

    12 years ago Stacey Hancock was caught in the grips of Emotional Eating, Fatness and a desire to sit on her ass instead of exercise. She had Binge Eating Disorder since the age of 7, eating more food in an afternoon than you would in an entire day. 10 years ago, she pulled finger and found a lifestyle of health and fitness without becoming a jacked up asshole, or showing a single tits and ass pic on Instagram. Because #realpeople rule.

    She's lost a total of 15kg (33lbs) and kept it off for a decade. Since 2007 she's been an over qualified Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Health Writer & Mindset Shifter. Today, she's going to help you get the job done right.

    Stacey lives with her Ginger Viking cat Munchkin, and spends her time binging on Netflix and spending time with her dude who looks like Ragnar.

    She swears and refuses to conform to societies idea of what a nutrition expert looks like. If you want a softly spoken pastel wearing nutritionist, you won't find it here. If you're looking for the crop top wearing Glutes & Trout Pout trainer, she's not here either.

    Welcome to real life - Enjoy the ride

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