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It's Time To Stop Eating Your Feelings And Start Living With Freedom!

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What's Eating You?

BE Free (Binge & Emotional Eating Free) Is a 12-Week Program designed to break you free of dysfunctional eating patterns and give you back TOTAL FOOD CONTROL so you feel more confident with food and your body.

In this multi level program, you'll discover exactly why you binge, comfort or emotionally eat. Why you stress eat or just plain overeat. You'll see why you struggle to lose weight and you'll learn the tools to get back the control!

  • You'll learn how to eat in ways that MINIMISE BINGE TRIGGERS
  • You will LOSE WEIGHT without triggering the deprivation / binge cycle
  • What you need to do to STOP THE CRAVINGS dead in their tracks
  • How to easily STAY ON TRACK when socialising or going away
  • MASTER YOUR EMOTIONS before eating your way through them!
  • Learn about STRESS EATING and how to stop it happening
  • SELF DEFEATING BELIEFS can trigger comfort eating. Learn how to overcome them!
  • ... and so much more!

  • The Life Changing Method That Makes Food Control Effortless

    By the end of the program you will be full of CONFIDENCE and CONTROL. You'll completely understand your binge and emotional eating triggers. And you'll be armed with success based tools to AVOID getting lost in the food pit of hell again! And the bonus, is that you'll lose weight naturally without the struggle. You'll finally be free from your frustrating repetitive actions and guilt. And you'll create a an entirely new relationship with food, your body and most importantly - YOU!

    From The Woman Who Cured Her 26 Year Binge Eating Disorder

    I developed Binge Eating Disorder at the age of around 7 years old. My after school snack would consist of around 1700 Calories.

    This is not a joke.

    A slab of luncheon meat with a pool of tomato sauce, a melted cheese sandwich, 3 chocolate biscuits, a large Milkshake with ice-cream all washed down with a beer mug full of cordial. There was always room for pre-dinner potato chips and after-dinner pudding.

    It wasn't because my parents didn't know how to feed me, we would always have good wholesome home-cooked meals and plenty of garden and orchard fresh fruit and vegetables available.

    There was something else driving this desire to over eat.

    When I was about 24 years old I would eat 36 packets of sugar a day. That was on top of the 2.5 Litres of milk, lollies, energy drinks, mini mince pies & muffins ... and normal daily food.

    Even when I had lost 25kg and a Figure Competitor - I was still binging (and I still thought I was fat)

    In 2007, 4 months before competing in my first Figure Comp, I started my company Neotrition Ltd - A Nutrition and Personal Training business focusing on Weight Loss & Wellness. Supposedly I was "in shape", with a body that many admired. But I was still binging and if I didn't find out why - I was going to end up overweight again.

    Even when I had learned what every other Personal Trainer and Nutritionist had learned ... I was still binging.

    So I got real. Really real.

    I had to learn why the brain and the body created such strong cravings. I had to learn why willpower wasn't enough and I had to learn why us as women turn to food, why we hate our bodies so much and why, even when we've lost weight that we put it all back on.

    I cured my own B.E.D.

    And this is the program that will help you with your over eating. Whether it's stress eating, comfort eating, emotional eating, binge eating or just over eating... it's all the same.


    What's Included In The Program?

    Each Module has 7 Short Coaching Videos WITH Transcript AND Worksheets. There are 9-Modules, over 12-weeks. You will watch the coaching videos, complete the self-care exercises and deploy the tools given to you. Build up your new mindsets and habits every day over 12-weeks! When you select one of the VIP options, you will also be eligible for personal 1:1 Coaching Sessions.


    Learn how to master your motivation and stickability before you begin the program! This is a series of 4 mindset shifting exercises. Even when the going gets tough - you'll know exactly how to deal with it!


    You'll download your nutrition plan and apply the instructions to get your exact portion sizes. But that's the easy stuff! You'll learn all about nutrition and how it can trigger binge eating, and how we can use food to stop those triggers instantly!


    Instead of eating your feelings, medicating stress with food or comforting yourself with a plate of fries you'll start learning the process of shifting away from food, and towards the feeling. You'll get some handy and fun tools to use! Maybe your binge trigger isn't emotional? You'll find out whether that's true in this module, and get even more clarity on your unique triggers!


    Up until now, you've been using food to solve your problems, give you a hug or soothe you when stressed or upset. Or maybe you don't even know why you're using it. In this module we'll start looking at how to manage emotions in a way that won't pack on the calories! This module is all about releasing the struggle with our feelings!


    This module is to help you understand who you are and how you respond with the world around you (society, social media, parents, inlaws etc). When we do this, we reduce a lot of stress and tension that leads to stress eating, mindless eating and comfort eating.


    Stress hormones make us fat. But WORSE, they make us sick, and they drive up binge eating in the form of and fats and sugars. When we learn how to manage stress properly, we can bring the stress hormone levels down, and dramatically reduce the urge to binge.


    When you tune into your body, you can learn more about what it needs. Many binge triggers are a sign your body is low in something physical (like a nutrient), but it can also be low in something at an emotional, or soul level. When we read our body well, we can find what we need fast, stopping those binges and over eating episodes.


    this module will teach you about how exercise can actually MAKE you want to binge! We'll learn what the right and wrong exercise is to manage your eating control. You'll also what type of exercise can lower stress hormones, and burn fat without you restricting food!


    This is my favourite module! This is where you will discover why you keep going back to your old habits over and over again. Now is YOUR time to stop the yo-yo cycle of self sabotage! You'll discover hundreds of different beliefs you have about your body, food, relationships, self-worth and more!


    You will be surprised at how far you've come over the past 12 weeks! This self-reflection module will show you exactly what you've accomplished, and give you the roadmap moving forwards. You will leave the program with confidence and control around food and your body.

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    Your Instructor


    Introverted, sassy... and non-corformist.

    12 years ago Stacey Hancock was caught in the grips of Emotional Eating, Fatness and a desire to sit on her ass instead of exercise. She had Binge Eating Disorder since the age of 7, eating more food in an afternoon than you would in an entire day. 10 years ago, she pulled finger and found a lifestyle of health and fitness without becoming a jacked up asshole, or showing a single tits and ass pic on Instagram. Because #realpeople rule.

    She's lost a total of 15kg (33lbs) and kept it off for a decade. Since 2007 she's been an over qualified Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Health Writer & Mindset Shifter. Today, she's going to help you get the job done right.

    Stacey lives with her Ginger Viking cat Munchkin, and spends her time binging on Netflix and spending time with her dude who looks like Ragnar.

    She swears and refuses to conform to societies idea of what a nutrition expert looks like. If you want a softly spoken pastel wearing nutritionist, you won't find it here. If you're looking for the crop top wearing Glutes & Trout Pout trainer, she's not here either.

    Welcome to real life - Enjoy the ride

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